Серый техно [ожидает перевода]

Vendor code. LM 0009
Серый техно [ожидает перевода]
Decor type:
3050 х 1300 мм3050 х 1600 мм
от 0,6 до 25 мм
Embossing options:
  • GL-Gloss
  • SH-Shagreen
  • GR-Granite
  • FL-Flowers
  • StM-Stone on morror
  • BR-Brush
  • LW-Lawa
  • SHN-Shine
  • FRS-Forest
  • LN-Line
  • CHM-Champion
  • Radiance

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  • 01

    We have been working with HPL chipboard since 2010 and we know all the features of its processing

  • 02

    Our equipment is designed to work with this particular material.

  • 03

    The use of equipment allows processing with precision

  • 04

    We can quickly adjust the technological process for a non-standard order

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