Decorative paper-laminated plastic (DBSP)

Decorative paper-laminated plastic (DBSP)

Laminate for facade and interior decoration
Laminates consist of several layers, which are held together by a polymer binder by pressing. Depending on the production method, plastics are divided into HPL plastic and CPL plastic.

The surface of the chipboard can have both glossy and matte, manufacturers produce plastics with a metallized surface, apply digital printing on them - the decorative possibilities of laminated plastics are incredibly wide.

Decorative laminate can be used as a self-supporting panel for cladding facades and walls in interiors. Thanks to the large format of the panels, which reach almost 4 meters in length, installation is much faster, and the low weight of the decorative panels does not make the structure heavier.

Laminated plastic in facade cladding
In order for decorative paper-laminated plastic to retain its original appearance for a long time when facing facades, it is additionally covered with a special protective layer. HPL panels are used to create attractive and durable facades of shopping centers, residential complexes, public and medical centers, tunnels, as well as pavilions and kiosks
Facades made of HPL panels do not fade, they perfectly tolerate temperature changes, do not absorb water and can be used in high-rise construction. This is a completely safe and non-flammable material, so the panels have no restrictions on their use in medical and children's institutions. DBPS panels have wide decorative possibilities: various shapes, perforation and drawing will create a facade unique in its architecture.

Laminated plastic in the interior
Nowadays, it is practically impossible to find a shopping or office center, where the wood chipboard would not have been used in the interior decoration. From the decoration of entrance lobbies and elevators to showcases and bar counters - decorative laminated paper is suitable for all surfaces.
Environmental friendliness, antibacterial properties and moisture resistance make it possible to use decorative plastic for wet rooms, medical organizations, restaurants and other objects where there are special requirements for hygiene.
LBCB lends itself well to postforming, therefore one of the main areas of application of this material is the manufacture of furniture: kitchen facades, tables and chairs, countertops, etc. Furniture coated with laminated paper has a durable, wear-resistant surface, it does not absorb moisture, chips and cracks do not form on the surface, so do not be afraid that over time, the table top made of particle board will lose its appearance. An important advantage is that plastic-coated furniture is easy to care for and easy to keep perfectly clean.

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