Compact laminate HPL

Compact laminate HPL

What is a compact laminate flooring, what it is intended for, what are its features and applications - we will try to understand all this in this article.

Compact laminate is the name given to decorative self-supporting special HPL laminates, which are thicker than furniture plastics. They consist of a unique package of specially pressed kraft papers and have a pronounced original decorative layer, both on one and on both sides.

Panels up to 5 mm thick can have one decorative surface. The reverse side is sanded pressed kraft paper.

Panels from 5 to 25 mm must have two decorative sides. The decor of these surfaces can be different on both sides.

Where is the material used?

  • Strong, durable partitions in some rooms, such as showers, public washrooms, which are equipped in places of mass visiting of people: in large shopping and exhibition complexes, schools, at railway stations, at airports, in many medical institutions, and in many others places.
  • Production of modern functional furniture: surface for billiard tables; various types of numerous modern furniture.
  • External facades

What are the main advantages of this finishing material?

  • completely ready to use, does not require additional processing and edging;
  • monolithic, which ensures its highest reliability;
  • resistant to constant exposure to various natural factors;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • unprecedented wear resistance, which significantly increases material life.
  • self-supporting properties
  • high dimensional stability and absolute surface evenness
  • high level of impact resistance
  • steam resistance
  • excellent hygienic propertieshigh resistance to chemically aggressive media and organic solvents
  • easy and quick assembly, no need for edging and bondingexcellent fire resistance
  • low emission of harmful gases and fumes, no seepage in case of fire

All materials we offer are produced on an innovative line of special high-tech high-pressure pressing.

What is HPL compact laminate

Hpl is a special composite sheet material that is produced by the so-called hot pressing method. The so-called core, or middle layer, is a special multi-layer structure made from some natural fibers. This is almost 60% cellulose processed into special paper, after which it is formed under a certain pressure into a unique plate.

The high density of the material provides resistance to temperature changes, does not oxidize at all. The product has a very high impact resistance, as well as outstanding resistance to chemicals, fire resistance class KM1. It is used to create original furniture facades, various partitions, fashionable kitchen countertops, and many other purposes.

We are pleased to offer you the widest range of practical and functional materials that have exceptional positive properties and an excellent aesthetic appearance.

Drilling, cutting, and milling of plastic should be carried out on the reverse side of the sheet in order to avoid damage to it.

We are confident that you will enjoy our price and service!

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