Transport and storage of HPL panels

Transport and storage of HPL panels


  • during the transportation of HPL panels, it is necessary to use only flat, well-fixed pallets and avoid shifting the sheets relative to each other;
  • make sure the HPL panels do not come into contact with each other during handling. It is necessary to lift the panels manually or by means of lifting mechanisms with vacuum suction cups so as not to scratch the surfaces of the sheets;
  • it is not recommended to pull off the sheets: dirt, foreign bodies and sharp ends rubbing against the surface can damage the surface of the panel.

How to store HPL panels correctly

Violation of storage conditions can lead to irreversible deformation of the sheet.

  • storage of sheets is carried out indoors, in optimal climatic conditions;
  • sheets are stacked on top of each other on a solid flat surface; it is not recommended to place the panels vertically. The top sheet can be covered with plastic wrap.
  • if the panels are permanently stored outdoors, completely cover them with plastic wrap to protect them from the weather.


The panels must be conditioned before use to prevent warping or warping.

HPL panels tend to shrink slightly if stored in a low humidity of 5 to 20% or expand if stored in a high humidity of 70 to 90%. Therefore, plastic sheets and parts made from them must achieve their moisture balance under the conditions of their use. Recommended conditions are a temperature of 18-20 ° C and a relative humidity of about 50%.

HPL panels and parts must be kept strictly horizontal before installation (stacked on a flat substrate that does not allow sagging of the edges). The recommended ventilation period is at least a week, the minimum conditioning period is 48 hours under the conditions in which the further operation of the material will be carried out.

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