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You can buy laminated plastic from us high pressure, which: :
resistant to temperatures
abrasion resistant
does not fade in the sun
not afraid of moisture
Due to this, it is widely used for decoration and decoration indoors and outdoors.
We will help you choose the type and thickness of plastic specifically for your project or technical assignment
Choose sheet thickness depending on the purpose
Up to 4 mm.
Flexible thin plastic is glued to a furniture board to improve its characteristics, make it durable, moisture resistant, resistant to temperature changes and mechanical damage. Suitable for "covering" the rounded edge of tabletops and curtains with figured milling using the post-forming technology (PF).
Postforming - manufacturing of chipboard worktops
Production of interior doors
Manufacturing of furniture boards and facades from laminated chipboard or Medium Density Fibreboard
4 to 6 mm.
Plastic with a small bending radius is suitable for interior decoration of railway, land and water transport. Due to their high strength, the panels do not wear out over time, even with large passenger traffic.
Отделка стен и потолка внутри салона автобусов, трамваев и троллейбусов
Wall and ceiling decoration inside the cabin of buses, trams and trolleybuses Interior cladding and furniture for trains, subway cars
Wall and ceiling cladding of the ship's cabin, interior furnishings
From 6 mm.
Interior decoration of residential and commercial premises, sports facilities, educational and medical facilities, etc. Safe and non-toxic material with a variety of designs makes it easy to transform the interior without harm to health.
For commercial premises: offices, shops, gyms, shopping centres
For special-purpose premises: schools, hospitals, laboratories
For design decoration of residential apartments and houses
From 10 mm.
Production of parts for household and office furniture: tabletops, partitions, shelves, parts for playgrounds, transport stops, benches and much more.
If you have a specialized space, we can offer fireproof plastics, chemical and reagent resistant panels, and antibacterial plastics for hospitals and laboratories.
Select decor We have more than 250 decor options in our assortment
Monochrome surfaces are often used for exterior decoration or in the manufacture of furniture facades. Combines beautifully with any type of embossing.
The noble texture is often found in the interior design of apartments, commercial premises, as well as in the manufacture of furniture. Wood imitation is appropriate in many modern interior styles.
The stone pattern is ideal for the production of countertops and aprons.
Unusual surfaces with a shimmering effect and overflows for bold design ideas.
The drawing of aluminium, titanium or nickel is suitable for the manufacture of outdoor objects and outdoor decor elements.
Select embossing We produce more than 14 embossing variations

Embossing helps to give the surface of the plastic an unusual texture or to make natural motives realistic. By hot pressing, you can create plastic with the texture of stone, metal, marble chips, wood, or with a perfectly smooth mirror surface.

Depending on the purpose, we produce various types of plastics with special properties:

Flame retardant (FR) – for the production of the heat-resistant inner lining of land, water and air transport.

Laboratory (LG) – resistant to chemicals and reagents plastic for work in aggressive

Biocidal (CR) – a material resistant to the spread of fungi and mold for interior decoration and furniture production in medical institutions, as well as for premises with high hygiene requirements: sanitary rooms, catering facilities.

Here you can create your own design and we will make it to order
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