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Medical plastic HPL Laboratory

Reliable protection against chemicals and solvents

Laboratory HPL plastic Lemark is resistant to aggressive chemicals, solvents, complies with the EN 438 standard, has high resistance to mechanical and temperature effects.

Laminated plastic is widely used in the manufacture of specialized furniture, work tables, and surfaces, as well as as a material for interior decoration of premises.


  • 01

    Any kind of laboratory (chemical, physical, etc)

  • 02

    Laboratory furniture

  • 03

    Clean rooms

  • 04

    Food production and kitchens

  • 05

    Electronic and chemical industries

  • 06

    Surfaces with special physical and mechanical properties

Any kind of laboratory (chemical, physical, etc)
Laboratory furniture
Clean rooms
Food production and kitchens
Electronic and chemical industries
Surfaces with special physical and mechanical properties

Advantages of Lemark plastic


High resistance to wear and scratches

Laminated plastic retains its excellent appearance and claimed properties even in conditions of intensive daily operation and mechanical cleaning.


Shockproof and vandal-proof

The combination of hardness and strength of the material provides plastic resistance to impact and other mechanical damage. HPL is often used in areas with a high functional load.


Fire resistance

Lemark plastic has passed numerous tests that confirm high heat resistance and low smoke generation. The material complies with the European Standard EN 438 and Russian industry standards.



HPL plastic does not emit harmful substances even at high temperatures. It meets all Russian standards and is recommended for use in children's, public and medical institutions.


Low hygroscopicity

HPL does not delaminate, deform or damage due to exposure to water vapor and moisture. The occurrence of fungus and mold on plastic is excluded.


Easy cleaning

The surface of laminated plastic is resistant to dirt and can be easily cleaned with ordinary household products due to the non-porous structure of the material.



Biocidal plastic Lemark has a positive expert opinion of the sanitary and epidemiological service on the possibility of its use "as a finishing material in central sterilization departments, operating rooms, and intensive care units."


Chemical resistance

Laboratory HPL Lemark is highly resistant to chemicals and solvents (acids, alkalis, acetone, toluene, xylene, etc.), disinfectants, and cleaning agents. Lemark constantly conducts tests for resistance to new types of reagents.

Advantages of Lemark plastic
Advantages of Lemark plastic


Plastic thickness: from 0.6 mm to 25mm


Due to innovative technologies, we produce laminated plastics with unique properties, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by test reports and certificates.


  • Standard (ST)

    It is used for facing smooth (flat) surfaces. It can be either one-sided (thickness from 0.6 to 2.0 mm) or two-sided structural material (thickness from 4.0 to 25.0 mm).

  • Postforming (PF)

    Designed for facing surfaces (furniture boards) with a small bending radius on special equipment. Produced in thickness from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm.

  • Hard-to-burn (FR)

    It is produced in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 123 and belongs to the fire hazard class KM-1, which is confirmed by the certificate. Plastic thickness from 0.6 mm to 25 mm.

Standard (ST)
Postforming (PF)
Hard-to-burn (FR)

Choose your own decoration option

More than 250 types of decors and 12 embossing options will delight the most demanding customers and open up wide opportunities for implementing any design ideas.

popular decors

  • Аквамарин [ожидает перевода]
    Аквамарин [ожидает перевода]
    Vendor code. LM 9012
  • Бежевый [ожидает перевода]
    Бежевый [ожидает перевода]
    Vendor code. LM 0018
  • Зеленый мох [ожидает перевода]
    Зеленый мох [ожидает перевода]
    Vendor code. LM 0073
  • Мята [ожидает перевода]
    Мята [ожидает перевода]
    Vendor code. LM 0038
  • Фисташковый [ожидает перевода]
    Фисташковый [ожидает перевода]
    Vendor code. LM 0017

Treatment HPL plastic

  • 01

    We have been engaged in the processing of laminated plastic for more than ten years. During this time, we have completed more than 250,000 orders

  • 02

    The high qualification, an extensive set of knowledge, and many years of professional experience guarantee an impeccable order quality

  • 03

    We use modern high-tech CNC machines. The precision of the CNC router of the machine is 0.01 mm, which guarantees the quality of processing

  • 04

    Own production and the absence of intermediaries ensure transparency of calculation and low prices

Treatment HPL plastic
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