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Time-proven reliability and durability

Lemark furniture plastic is a modern material that is characterized by durability, functionality, and variability of application. Furniture and elements made from HPL can be found almost everywhere: in residential and commercial premises, in medical clinics and laboratories, in public catering establishments, transport, and even on playgrounds. Attractive, lightweight, and at the same time very durable HPL plastic has become popular among furniture manufacturers due to its wide range of applications. Preference in the choice of laminated plastic is explained by the mass of unique characteristics and attractive price, which is much lower than its analogs.

Time-proven reliability and durability

Advantages of HPL plastic in furniture manufacturing

Durability and wear resistance

Choosing furniture plastic Lemark, you will be sure of the reliability of the material and high performance properties. Thanks to its super-dense structure, it is not afraid of shocks, scratches, moisture and temperature extremes.


Maximum moisture resistance

Exposure to moisture does not affect the properties of the plastic due to its monolithic structure and the absence of pores. The material does not delaminate over time. Thus, Lemark HPL is often used in areas with high humidity.



Laminated plastic is resistant to the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. Thanks to this property HPL Lemark is often used in places with high humidity and where it is important sterility.


Eco friendly

Decorative laminate is harmless to humans and the environment. HPL Lemark meets sanitary and epidemiological requirements, which is confirmed by certificates. Recommended for use in medical and educational institutions.


Ease of cleaning

The uniformity of the structure of the HPL panels ensures maximum resistance against dirt and easy maintenance, which can be done even without the use of specialized tools. HPL racks for household pollution. The plastic coating can be easily cleaned from cigarette extinguishing marks, graffiti, shoe marks.


Variety of decors

The Lemark plant produces over 250 types of decors (monochromatic, wood, stone, metallized, fancy, etc.), 12 types of embossing allow architects and designers to embody bold and creative ideas.

Advantages of HPL plastic in furniture manufacturing

Areas of application of furniture plastic

  • 01

    Living spaces

  • 02

    Offices and business centers

  • 03

    Public spaces and food courts

  • 04

    Retail store equipment

  • 05

    Educational and sports institutions

  • 06

    Outdoor and garden furniture

Living spaces
Offices and business centers
Public spaces and food courts
Retail store equipment
 Educational and sports institutions
Outdoor and garden furniture


The Lemark range includes finishes that artfully convey the beauty of natural wood, stone, and metal, and solid colors are perfect for creating a modern room style.

A variety of decors will delight the most demanding customers and open up wide opportunities for implementing any design ideas.

The variety of embossments and textures allows you to implement original design ideas
  • GL-Gloss

    Perfectly smooth surface with a mirror effect

  • SH-Shagreen

    Smooth homogeneous matte surface

  • GR-Granite

    Simulates the structure of a rough stone

  • FL-Flowers

    Matte imitation of pebbles on a glossy surface

  • StM-Stone on morror
    StM-Stone on morror

    Conveys the fibrous structure of untreated wood

  • BR-Brush

    Simulates the structure of an aged wood coating

  • LW-Lawa

    Wood grain structure simulating rip sawing

  • SHN-Shine

    Semi-gloss surface with a rough-brushed metal effect

  • FRS-Forest

    A surface that simulates waterfall jets

  • LN-Line

    Protective film, decorated with glittering blotches with a holographic effect

  • CHM-Champion

    Protective film, decorated with glittering blotches with a holographic effect

  • Radiance

    Protective film, decorated with glittering blotches with a holographic effect

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Plastic thickness: from 0.6 mm to 25mm


HPL plastic can be glued to substrates (MDF boards, chipboard, plywood), as well as used as an independent construction material. Recommendations for processing and operation will allow you to better understand the proposed solutions and optimally apply them in practice.


  • Standard (ST)

    It is used for cladding flat (flat) surfaces. It can be either one-sided (from 0.6 to 2.0 mm thick) or double-sided constructional material (from 4.0 to 25.0 mm thick).

  • Compact

    Self-supporting and durable HPL plastic from 2 to 25 mm thick with two decorative surfaces. It is used in the manufacture of office and household furniture, countertops, laboratory and commercial equipment. Compact engineering plastics are used for surfaces with high demands on wear resistance.

  • Postforming (PF)

    Designed for facing surfaces (furniture boards) with a small bending radius on special equipment. Produced in thicknesses from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm.

  • Flame retardant (FR)

    It is produced in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 123 and belongs to the fire hazard class KM-1, which is confirmed by a certificate. Plastic thickness from 0.6 mm to 25 mm.

  • Biocidal (CR)

    Medical plastic with antibacterial properties, which is widely used in "clean" rooms. Prevents the formation of fungus, mold and other microorganisms. Produced in thicknesses from 0.6 mm to 25 mm.

  • Laboratory (LG)

    Laboratory (chemically resistant) plastic is produced specifically for surfaces where chemicals and reagents are used. This material is made in a thickness of 0.6 mm to 25 mm.

Standard (ST)
Postforming (PF)
Flame retardant (FR)
 Biocidal (CR)
Laboratory (LG)

Countertop finishing with post formable HPL

The use of shaping technology allows you to improve the aesthetic properties of the countertop and reduce the cost of applying the edge.

Countertop finishing <span class='layers__heading__special'>with post formable HPL</span>
Protective layer (overlay)
Layer decor
Protective decorative layer (underlay)
Base layer
Adhesive layer
Furniture board (MDF, DSP)
Plastic backing
Chipboard DBSP: 0.6-0.8 mm

Table top made of plastic HPL compact

The compact laminate worktop has a significantly longer service life than others countertops based on MDF. HPL compact is not afraid of humidity, temperature extremes, which makes it possible to use let us open it next to fire.

Table top made of  plastic <span class='layers__heading__special'>HPL compact</span>
Protective layer (overlay)
Layer decor
Protective decorative layer (underlay)
Base layer
Thickness: 10-18mm


  • 01

    We have been engaged in the processing of laminated plastic for more than ten years. During this time, we have completed more than 250,000 orders

  • 02

    The high qualification, an extensive set of knowledge, and many years of professional experience guarantee impeccable order quality.

  • 03

    We use modern high-tech CNC machines. The precision of the CNC router of the machine is 0.01 mm, which guarantees the quality of processing

  • 04

    Own production and the absence of intermediaries ensure transparency of calculation and low prices

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