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HPL plastic 
for transport

Non-flammable and hygienic HPL plastic

Lemark laminated plastic is one of the most popular materials for interior decoration of vehicles and furniture production. It is widely used in passenger car building, decoration of public transport, cabins of river and sea vessels.

Decorative plastic is an innovative material that has maintained its functional and aesthetic qualities for decades, despite the high passenger traffic. It does not wear out, is not afraid of humidity, is protected from temperature changes, is cleaned without specialized chemicals and, at the same time, looks stylish and modern.

Non-flammable and hygienic HPL plastic


  • Railway transport

    Hard-to-burn HPL plastic is used for railway transport, including finishing metro cars, suburban electric trains, and long-distance trains. The material is used as ceiling and wall panels, door trim, interior partitions, toilet linings, passenger tables, and a variety of furniture.

    Railway transport
  • Water transport

    HPL panels are widely used as an interior decoration of cabins and corridors of sea and river vessels. The material is characterized by increased wear resistance and durability. The monolithic nonporous structure of plastic does not delaminate and does not crumble due to high humidity and temperature changes, prevents the appearance of fungus and mold due to its bactericidal properties.

    Water transport
  • Motor transport

    Lemark HPL panels are used for interior decoration of wheeled vehicles: van bodies, passenger, and passenger vehicles. Decorative paper-layered plastic is used as a covering of walls, ceilings, and creating partitions.

    Motor transport
  • Furniture for transport

    The popularity of HPL furniture in the transport sector is explained by a combination of important characteristics for this area that are not typical of other types of materials. The main advantages are moisture resistance, durability, vandal-proof, and wear resistance. Thanks to its monolithic structure and the absence of pores, it does not deform, delaminate or crack over time, retaining its original properties. In addition, HPL Lemark is a non-flammable material, which is confirmed by the certificate

    Furniture for transport


Plastic thickness: from 0.6 mm to 25mm
Plastic thickness: from 0.6 mm to 25mm


Due to innovative technologies, we produce laminated plastics with unique properties, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by test reports and certificates.

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